Made locally in Saratoga Springs, NY

Our winery is called Oliva Vineyards,
named for owners Tony and Debreen Oliva.

Winemaker, Tony Oliva produced the 2012-2015 vintages in our production facility in Fort Edward.  Our 2016 vintages finished fermenting in our Italian made stainless steel tanks at our new location in Saratoga Springs, where we continue to produce our fine wines.

Our new tasting room will be opening soon, along with our brewery, Racing City Brewing Company.  In the meantime, you can taste and buy our wine at local farmers’ markets, festivals and special events.

We combine our passion for wine, horse racing and family. The silhouette in the Oliva Vineyards logo is Italydar, one of our first and favorite racehorses crossing the finish line in one of his wins at the racetrack. That’s how we got the horse racing references for many of the wine names. Of course we have a passion for our family; Nathan’s Select and Sparkling Hannah are named for Tony and Debreen’s grandchildren.

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Sparkling Hannah

WINE: This sparkling red wine features strong fruit flavors, notably strawberry and raspberry, balanced with a refreshing crispness on the finish. Carbonated during the bottling process, Sparkling Hannah can make any occasion special. It is a great accompaniment to appetizers, such as oysters, and especially at the end of the meal with desserts and chocolates.

NAME: Hannah is the owners’ first granddaughter, born in 2011 to their daughter and son-in-law who live in New Jersey.  The picture on the bottle is a rendition of an actual photograph taken of Hannah when she was about 6 months old.  We chose to name the sparkling wine after Hannah because we think the wine is as special as she is. $1.00 from each bottle sold will be put into Hannah’s college fund.

PRICE: $17.99


Winner’s Circle White

WINE: This light, refreshing white wine has delicate fruity apricot flavors with floral notes on the nose and an off-dry finish. The crisp finish compliments olives, fruit and cheese and also pairs well with seafood, poultry, and salads. Winners’ Circle white also makes a great sangria.

Sangria Recipe:


1-750 ml bottle Winner’s Circle White wine

1-375 ml bottle Lake George Lemonade whiskey

Local fruit of your choice (frozen fruit also works well)

Add 1 liter ginger ale just before serving

NAME: Tony has bred and raced thoroughbred horses. Oliva Stables has raced in Saratoga, Belmont, and Aqueduct.  Originally, the farm was in New Jersey where we raced in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Oliva Stables boasts wins at Belmont, Aqueduct, Monmouth Park in New Jersey, and Philadelphia Park in Pennsylvania. Oliva Stables has yet to be in the Winner’s Circle in Saratoga but when they are, you can be sure the wine will be flowing.

PRICE: $15.99


Italydar (sold out)

WINE: This bold red wine exemplifies earthy tones both in flavor and aroma. Its medium to full body makes Italydar a perfect complement to your favorite pasta and meat sauce, or even pizza.

NAME: Italydar is the name of one of the first and favorite horses for Oliva Stables.  The silhouette in the Oliva Vineyards logo is Italydar crossing the finish line in one of his wins.  Also, if Italydar’s name sounds familiar it’s because he was named after his grandfather, the famous horse, Alydar.  The Oliva’s combined their Italian heritage and Alydar and came up with Italydar.

PRICE: $18.99


Morning Line Favorite (sold out)

WINE: This semi-sweet Riesling has a light golden hue with clean flavors of grapefruit and finishes with a crisp acidity. Rieslings are a food-friendly wine, lending themselves to a wide range of potential food pairings, especially seafood, chicken and pork, even spicy foods and desserts such as apple pie.

NAME: In keeping with our horse racing theme, morning line favorite is a reference to the horse that is favored to win based on the odds printed in the Post Parade.

PRICE: $15.99


Nathan’s Select

WINE: This distinct, dry red wine has a complex medley of dark berry and plum flavors while maintaining its medium body. Pair with a good filet and stronger cheeses as well as pasta.  It is a dry red blend of Cabernet and Noriet (Noir-ay); which is a hybrid grape developed by Cornell University to yield a quality dry red in the colder climates.    

NAME: Nathan, our grandson (son of our daughter Jamie and her husband, Nate) was a year old when we created our first vintage. The silhouette on the label is Nathan. We call the wine Nathan’s Select because it is a select (quality) dry red blend of Cabernet and Noriet. Also, the word Select comes from the Select Yearling Sale in Saratoga at the Fasig Tipton Sales Pavilion where the best yearlings (1-year-old) thoroughbred horses are offered for sale at the auction…and since Nathan was one year old at the time (a yearling just like the horses) and he’s select because, of course, he’s the best…he’s our grandson!

PRICE: $18.99


Post Time Peach

WINE: This light sweet wine has the fragrance of an orchard with a big juicy peach flavor.  At just 6% alcohol, Post Time Peach is perfect for lunch or brunch or just relaxing on a sunny day.  Don’t just limit this wine to daytime though, enjoy this delectable treat with barbecue chicken, Asian food, tart fruits, and sharp cheeses. Post Time Peach is the perfect summer accompaniment to a chilled pasta salad and compliments spicy foods.  Its smooth finish is pleasing anytime.

NAME: This wine was named by one of our Facebook fans.  We posted that we were coming out with a peach flavored wine and reminded people of our horse racing theme; we received several suggestions…some people will do anything for a free bottle of wine!  Post Time Peach was the winning entry; we loved the name instantly.  With the name Post Time Peach, Tony thought of the 2004 Travers poster called “16 Minutes to Post”, which is one in a series of posters by local artist, Greg Montgomery, who graciously granted us permission to use the image on our label…we promised him wine too!

Price: $15.99


Pretty Filly Rosé (sold out)

WINE: The initial taste of this rosé is bursting with berries and finishes with a subtle sweetness.  This 4-season wine makes a lovely sangria in warm weather and is equally delicious warmed with mulling spices during the fall and winter. Enjoy with chicken dishes and fruit.

SANGRIA RECIPE: This fun and yummy pink sangria is great for special occasion parties.  The pink color along with the strawberries is so festively fun! Feel free to eyeball ingredient measurements or adjust to taste.

  • 1 (10 ounce) package frozen sliced strawberries, thawed
  • ½ (6 oz.) can frozen lemonade concentrate, thawed
  • 1 (750 ml.) bottle chilled Pretty Filly Rosé wine
  • 1 cup pineapple juice
  • ½ liter ginger ale; add just before serving

NAME: This is another reference to our horse racing theme, especially for one pretty filly named My Lil Girl; the first filly born to Oliva Stables.  Another pretty filly is two-years-old and racing hopeful, Willubemyhoney.

Price: $16.99 


Pretty Filly Rosé – Mulled Rosé (sold out)

WINE: For the winter season we warm our special Pretty Filly Rosé with mulling spices, creating a delicious wine that fills the holiday home with a welcoming aroma.  Mulled Rosé compliments the holiday meal, from appetizers to pies. The special package also makes a great gift.

PRICE: $20.99


Red, Wine and Blue (Sold Out)

WINE: This distinct, dry red wine has a complex medley of dark berry and plum flavors while maintaining a medium body. Pair with a good filet and stronger cheeses.

NAME: Red, Wine and Blue is the name of a horse bred and foaled by Tony Oliva.  This colt is the son of Patriot Act.  The Oliva’s wanted a patriotic reference along with a reference to wine so, over a bottle of wine they came up with Red, Wine and Blue and then decided to also name one of their signature red wines by the same name.

Price: $19.99


Trifecta Red (Sold Out)

WINE: This earthy red wine starts with a hint of cherry and ends with a spicy finish that enables it to stand up to a good steak or strong cheese, yet it remains light enough not to overpower a simple pasta sauce.

NAME: Of course, trifecta is a horse racing reference.  The Oliva’s lightheartedly say, “we got into horse racing from betting and winemaking from drinking!” The name honors owner, Tony (Anthony Jr.), his father Anthony Sr. and his son Anthony III.  Trifecta Red is also our third red wine and like a trifecta at the racetrack; it’s a winner.

Price: $18.99

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