Good food, good company and of course, good wine.


From the moment the Oliva family sits down at dinner until dessert is finished, laughter and the clinker of wine glasses fill the air. The Oliva family, like many Italian families, loves good food, good company and of course, good wine. These three things are what inspired the Oliva family to start making their own wine.
Oliva Vineyards combines the owners’ passion for wine with their love of horse racing. The horse in the logo is one of the Oliva’s racehorses crossing the finish line in a win picture. Winemaker, Tony Oliva works like a racehorse to produce quality wines including dry reds and whites, as well as special sweet wines that make Oliva Vineyards “The Thoroughbred of Wine.”



The Oliva’s like to think of their customers as extended family.

Tony & Debreen Oliva

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Tony first made his own wine while living in Northern New Jersey. The wines, then produced on a small scale, won Best In Show at the New Jersey State Fair and were enjoyed at many family functions.

Accompanying Tony in running the winery is his wife of more than 30 years and high school sweetheart, Debreen. They have shared, among other things, their love of wine with their grown children, Jamie and Anthony III and they named two of their signature wines after their grandchildren, Hannah and Nathan.